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Funding Options

Are you an Employee?

At The Bancorp Bank HSA there are many easy ways to put money into your account. We have several different ways to fund your account today.

For personal funding options please visit our page on Making Deposits.

Are you an Employer?

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is an electronic transfer of a payment from a company or organization into a Health Savings Account. Direct Deposit is an ideal way to make contributions from the employer or employee (out of their payroll) or a combination of both. The Employee Direct Deposit process via a payroll deduction can be established by using this form.  Each employee can complete the form and return to their employer, who can establish the contribution amounts in their payroll system.

ACH/Wire Contributions
Employers can send a wire or ACH contribution to fund employees' accounts. The deposit should be sent along with the contribution file which details which customers will receive the deposits. The ACH/Wire method is great for large groups, or groups seeking to make a timely deposit. Contact for more information on this option.

Online Employer Funding Tool
The Employer Funding Tool is a free online service that allows an employer to make deposits into employee accounts through a Bancorp Bank supported website. This funding method is used primarily by smaller employer groups (less than 25 employees) as there is some initial setup and data entry involved.  After you've submitted a deposit online, The Bancorp Bank will draft your business account using the information your business provides on the initial application. This service is free to use and makes depositing much easier to do!  Click here for further information.